Estate Planning Resources

The Essential Estate Planning Package

To begin the estate planning process, please download your Estate Planning Questionnaire. Fill out the required information and email the document back to us.

Last Will & Testament

These documents will contain your final direction regarding how your estate should be distributed upon death. Avoid confusion, misunderstandings, and arguments by putting this direction in writing.

Last Will & Testament Fee: $400.00

Transfer on Death Deed Fee: $300.00

Durable Power of Attorney

An all-inclusive power of attorney allows your designated representative to act on your behalf on all matters should you become incapacitated or unable to handle your affairs.

Fee: $200.00

Medical Directive

A medical directive is a document stating instructions to your doctor regarding your medical treatment and condition should you become incapacitated and unable to convey your instructions directly.

Without an advanced directive, if an adult loses the capacity to make or communicate medical decisions, the only solution is for a court to appoint a guardian for the person. Once that happens, the court will continue to be involved in all health care decisions, and this may get in the way of major decisions like stopping life support by holding a public trial.

Medical Directive Fee: $200.00

Trust Agreement Fee: $400.00

For information on the differences between a will and living trust, click here.